The role of dietary fats and oils in human nutrition is one of the most complex and controversial areas of investigations in nutrition science. The joint WHO/FAO Export Consultation on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease held at Geneva in 2002 (WHO, 2003 and Nishida & Yany, 2009) recognized that the growing epidemic of chronic disease afflicting both developed and developing countries was related to dietary and lifestyle changes.

In the last two decades, rapid expansion in several relevant scientific fields and in the amount of population-based epidemiological data has clarified the role of diet in preventing and controlling the morbidity and premature mortality resulting from various non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Food products containing unsaturated fats are susceptible to rancidity with attendant unpleasant taste and odor as a manifestation of their short shelf life. This thus led to research to create a more stable form of unsaturated fat that had the potential for a significantly extended shelf life and improving the value of a variety of foods. Read more here

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