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Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax

The prevalence of obesity and NCDs, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, has been identified and linked to unhealthy diets, especially the excessive consumption of sugary drinks. The Sugar-sweetened Beverages (SSB) Tax is a public health campaign that focuses on advocating for the reduction in the excessive consumption of sugary drinks known as “soft drinks” through the implementation of a pro-health policy in Nigeria. In October 2022, CAPPA initiated the SSB Tax campaign, actively engaging with policymakers to ensure the successful retention and long-term viability of this tax. Through this campaign, CAPPA is advocating for legislation focused on pro-health taxes, a category to which the SSB tax belongs.

Recognizing the need for the public’s understanding of the dangers of consuming SSB and the importance of the tax, CAPPA has taken up the cause of an awareness campaign to shed light on how SSBs contribute to unchecked consumption of free and non-nutritive sugar.

To further advocacy efforts, CAPPA formed the National Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Coalition (NSSBTC). The coalition comprises over 45 active members including CSOs, CBOs, traditional and religious leaders, health experts, policy experts, and individual advocates, across states in Nigeria to garner support for the tax and create awareness of the prevalence of NCDs.

Through engagement of all critical Ministries, Departments, and Agencies of government across all levels, CAPPA is committed to ensuring the SSB tax is increased to an evidence-based rate that is adjusted for inflation and having a sustainable legislative framework that ensures the SSB tax helps to reduce consumption of SSBs and the burden of NCDs in Nigeria.

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