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  • Women, Youths, Aged Protest
    in Ayetoro Over Ocean Surge

  • CAPPA stormed Shell's head
    office in Marina, Lagos.

  • CAPPA at a Kick Big Polluters
    Out (KBPO) 

  • CAPPA’s Documentary on
    Climate Change Impact on
    African Communities Screens
    at COP 28

  • Communique Issued At The End of
    The National Conference On SSB Tax

  • CAPPA Convenes 2nd National Conference as 178 LGAs Come
    under Threat of Flooding

  • CAPPA Trains Journalists Ahead of
    Off-Cycle Elections in Imo State

  • CAPPA Honours Senator Mamora
    for his Contributions to Public Health in Nigeria

  • CAPPA Launches Report on the
    Challenges and Threats to #2023Elections

  • CAPPA at #COP27.

    In solidarity with indigenous women at #COP27

  • Community. Solidarity. Impact

    Improving inclusive and participatory governance, and mitigating the impacts of harmful corporate and state practices on our communities.

  • Explore

    Promoting Water Justice!

    We stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in fighting water grabbing, pollution, and systemic activities that endanger our ecosystems' sustainability

  • Our Environment
    Our Life. Stop Oil Pollution

    Our work on extractives and the environment  focuses on supporting communities to organise, mobilise and build  solidarity to prevent and mitigate these deleterious practices of the extractives sector.

  • Deforestation:
    Indiscriminate Logging

    There’s no doubt about it: the best thing we can do to fight climate change is keep forests standing. Yet the need to feed a rapidly  growing global population—projected to reach 9 billion by 2050—is urgent

  • Holding Environmental
    Polluters Accountable!

    Working to ensure that the real Polluters i.e those who, through their production or consumption activities, do damage to the persons or impose "costs" on the environment, are held accountable and pay for their actions or inactions.

Community - Solidarity - Impact.

Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA)

Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA) works to advance human rights, challenge corporate abuse of our natural resources and build community power for inclusive development and participatory governance.

CAPPA is a Pan – African organisation that is passionately devoted to working with African communities to build partnerships with them towards taking collective social action towards the promotion and defence of the rights of peoples. It would challenge the abuse of our natural resources, our environment and our people through corporate and state policies and practices.

Project Announcement

Despite the growing contribution of fossil fuel exploration to carbon emission and ultimately climate change amidst global caution and impacts in Africa and Nigeria in particular, CAPPA is worried about the progressive expansion of investments in this apparent anti-human and only-for-profit industry. For a fact, there is a gross disregard for the sanctity of the environment and the safety of its dependents including man and animals alike.  The launch of the Dangote refinery has yet again uncovered the myopic interests of the government and has further affirmed the inconsistencies and deliberate discrepancies allowed in government rule books in the Climate Change space. We want to go the way of renewable energy, but we are stocked with the many deceptions of the crude business.  

CAPPA is building the capacity of the Ibeju Lekki residents to engage, resist and demand the respect of their fundamental human rights and the protection of their environment including the development and implementation of an Environmental Impact Assessment. We will be drawing the linkages between extractivism, social tension, and rights agitations. We believe these are not too much to ask for a people whose livelihood, cultural heritage and being are now on the line and very likely to be eroded without a trace.

Watch out this space as we journey with the people of Ibeju Lekki to freedom!

Community Engagement

CAPPA visits Iwerekhan Community in Delta State, advance call for Environmental Justice

The once fertile Iwerekhan Community has progressively lost all its identity and rich history of farming and fishing. No thanks to the long history of oil extraction in the Community and the associated environmental pollution that continues to reduce the social and environmental worth of the people.

What has now become necessary is the need to document the impacts of oil extraction on the locals, build community people to engage and demand commiserate reparations and ensure that both government and oil companies are held responsible for their incautious operations and wanton disregard for the plights of the people.

It’s people over profit.

Stay tuned for details!

Upcoming Event/Annoucement

CAPPA is set to join the residents of Ayetoro, a highly devastated coastline community in Ondo State in yet another protest on 29th May, 2024. This time, a massive one as over 5,000 people from the community will carry strongly worded placards and banners to express their age long grievances and displeasure.

Recall Ayetoro was highlighted in @CAPPA’s Environmental Accountability report last year, despite this, nothing has changed in the forgotten community that provides sufficient evidence of avoidable devastations.

Stay tuned for regular updates.

Documentary on Climate Change Impact on African Communities

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Improving inclusive and participatory governance, and mitigating the impacts of harmful corporate and state practices on our communities.

Social Justice and Public Services

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Climate Change

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