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Privacy Policy


Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our partners, allies and members. This Privacy Policy is spelt out to inform you about our obligations to you.

Personal Information

Our website is designed to facilitate participation and partnerships through interaction, which necessitates collecting your personal and Organization’s information as the need arises. What information do we collect from you? We collect information that you may voluntarily share with us in order to complete enlist your partnership, alliance or sign online petition to be shared with government officials or other stakeholders, as our campaigns demand. Your information will remain confidential and will not be circulated without your consent.

Third Parties

We will never disclose your personal data except to CAPPA’s authorized agents or representative. If that happens, we will execute non-disclosure agreements to ensure your personal data is never shared, sold, or disclosed by the third-party agent.

Joining CAPPA Africa

When you become a member of CAPPA, we request information, including your name, email address, postal or zip code and country of residence. We do not share or otherwise disclose any personally-identifying information collected in this process. Only ONE staff and authorized agents or representative have access to personally identifiable information provided by you. You have the choice as to whether to provide such information to us.

Campaign Actions / Petitions

When you sign a petition or similar action on our website, we treat your name, post/zip code and country as public information and may share this with the world leader or decision maker who is the target of the action. We can also use your email address to verify your identity.

When making such action information public, we will never disclose your email address or phone number.

Actions directly targeting decision makers

There are opportunities on our website for you to send messages directly to decision makers via email, twitter and letter. Due to the nature of the communication, whatever information you provide—your email address for example—will be shared with the message’s recipient. If you choose to share your contact information with a decision maker in this way, we cannot limit or control how, if at all, that person or organization will use your information or keep it private.

Direct Contact

Our website has online form(s) and email addresses through which you can contact us with questions, concerns, to report problems with our website, or other issues. In order to respond to you, we need your email address and country in which you live. We will not use this information without your permission for any purpose except to correspond with you regarding your inquiry. You may use these online form(s) and email addresses to correspond with us regarding any rights you may have under applicable law, such as the right to be informed about the information we hold about you and its use, the right to have your personally identifying data corrected or updated, the right to block your information, and the right to have it ported to another organization. We will comply with laws applicable to you and us in resolving the issue you raise.

If you wish to have your personally identifiable information removed from our systems, please contact us. Note, however, that while information disclosed in petitions can be removed from our systems, once it has been delivered to the target of that particular action, we cannot remove it from the target’s systems.

Authorized Agents

On occasion we may share some of your personal information with selected authorized agents, for example external contractors working to maintain our website for the sole purpose of helping us do our work. They will abide by the requirements in this Privacy Policy and will not share your personal information outside from the scope of their engagement.

How we ensure the security of your information

When you contribute to CAPPA online, we use encryption technologies when transferring and receiving data from our website. To help us prevent of spam and abuse on, we use Google’s reCAPTCHA technology. This is used to distinguish whether an action taken on our website is made by a human being or is an attempt to abuse our systems via automated processing. The technology includes the sending of visitors’ IP address and other data required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service to Google. Additional information about reCAPTCHA and Google’s privacy policy can be found at:


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