Our Approach

CAPPA's Ways Of Working

We are an advocacy and campaigning organisation. Our approach and way of working is to stand with communities, to build their capacity to influence state and corporate policies and practices through networking and building of alliances and coalitions, among others.

We strongly believe that through organizing for collective social actions, we shall be able to stop and prevent deleterious corporate practices, improve inclusive and participatory governance, and mitigate the impacts of harmful corporate and state practices on our communities. Since the most effective and sustainable campaigns are evidence-based, we prioritizes research and the generation and dissemination of knowledge on our thematic program areas.

In our work with communities, we also place emphasis on the organising and mobilising capacity of citizens groups and relevant social groups – including unions of workers in public service, in agriculture, in the extractives industries and other relevant sectors.

CAPPA leverages support from the media and facilitate the building of strategic relationships with the media. We make significant use of the social media and the tools provided by that medium to build solidarity, amplify messages, and rally supporters for our cause.

We engage with governments and corporates to demand transparency and accountability; as well as inclusive, responsive and participatory governance.

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