CAPPA – Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa

Shade Oyelade

Position: Policy and Legal Drafting Officer

Shade has an unwavering passion for social justice and brings a wealth of expertise to our team, with almost a decade of experience in administration, management, coordination, stakeholder engagement, research, policy making, and public speaking. Her skills extend to report writing and resource management, making her a well-rounded addition to our organization.

She earned her law degree from the University of Abuja and her BL from the Nigerian Law School. Her academic background has equipped her with a robust foundation in legal drafting and research. Prior to joining CAPPA, Shade gained valuable experience in both the private and public sectors, specializing in human rights, advocacy, and demonstrating a strong commitment to utilizing the law as a tool for positive change.

What sets Shade apart is not just her professional background, but also her commitment to social justice. She has actively participated in various outreaches, pro-bono works, and volunteer initiatives throughout her career. Shade firmly believes in the transformative power of law to effect positive change in society and is enthusiastic about contributing her skills and knowledge to further CAPPA’s vision.

With a deep understanding of relevant legal areas and a keen awareness of legal diversity, Shade possesses an analytical mindset, strong communication skills, and meticulous attention to detail, making her an asset to our team. she is adept at navigating complex legal landscapes and finding innovative solutions to legal challenges.