CAPPA – Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa

Buhari, Olatunji

Position: Associate Director

His journey into development work was borne out of aspiration for knowledge. Along the line, his interest into environmental and human rights activism grew when he stumbled on a book titled “Where Vultures Feast”: SHELL, Human Rights , and Oil in the Niger Delta written by Dr. Ike Okonta and Late Oronto Douglas. On completion of the book that documented the atrocities of the multinational corporations in the Niger Delta, he was curious to know why the oil majors continue to engage in activities that destroys the means and livelihood of the communities people in the Niger Delta.

In 2014, he joined the Our Water Our Right Campaign team of the Environmental Rights Action demanding the Lagos state government recognize human right to water and jettison the idea of water privatization. He has written several articles on anti-water privatization published in the national dailies.