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CAPPA’s Community Parliament in Iludun Spurs Visits from LASEPA, NNPCL

Following CAPPA’s initiative to organise a water parliament in Iludun, the community has recorded visits from the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) and alleged representatives of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL). This information was disclosed by the Chairman of the Iludun Community Development Association (CDA), Pastor Ikupolusi, during a visit to the CAPPA office on Friday, June 7, 2024.

Iludun suffers from petroleum contamination of its water sources, allegedly due to a poorly executed and unfinished road construction project commissioned by the Lagos State government. In 2014, the Lagos State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure awarded a contract to construct a bridge that would pass through the community. However, during the piling phase, an underground pipeline conveying fuel owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) was punctured, contaminating the community’s water sources.

Despite repeated complaints from residents and letters of appeal to state authorities and the NNPCL, no tangible response was received. As a result, the community, especially women and children, continue to rely on heavily polluted water sources for domestic use and other utilities. Their lack of access to pipe-borne water, even though they are located in proximity to Iju Water Works, one of the oldest water supply facilities in Lagos State, further worsens the situation.

Pastor Felix Ilupolusi
Pastor Felix Ilupolusi

Pastor Felix Ilupolusi thanked the CAPPA water team for their interventions in the community, which have continued to generate attention from stakeholders, including local news houses. On behalf of the Iludun CDA, he assured CAPPA of the community’s willingness to continue mobilising and organising for water justice.

The CAPPA team thanked the leadership and members of the Iludun community for their commitment to defending their right to drinkable water. During the meeting, CAPPA also updated the community leadership on its actions since organising a water parliament. These actions include sending advocacy letters to relevant state authorities demanding an investigation and solution to the community’s water crisis, as well as developing a report documenting the situation.

The CAPPA water report presented to Pastor Ikupolusi during his visit detailed the outcomes of CAPPA’s field visit in the community. This included three meetings with the area’s traditional leader (Baale) and the CDA leadership, and a Community Water Parliament that brought together residents of all demographics—youths, women, and the elderly. The field visit also involved interviews with residents, an area tour, and the collection of water samples for further investigation.

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