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CAPPA Reconnects with Board Member Prof. Scott Pegg in Lagos, Nigeria


Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA) recently had the honour of hosting Professor Scott Pegg, a recognized academic and member of its Advisory Board.

Prof. Pegg, an expert in international relations, African politics, de facto states, and natural resource management, visited CAPPA’s office in Lagos on June 9, 2023. It was an occasion for CAPPA’s staff to meet and greet Prof. Pegg, and an opportunity to update him on the organization’s ongoing programmes and initiatives.

During the session, CAPPA staff members briefed him on the status and progress of thematic work areas of the organization, such as extractives and environment, democracy outreach, education, public health, and public services. Programme managers also provided updates on the notable interventions and signature campaigns CAPPA is involved in, such as tobacco control, our water our right, and reducing public transfat-sugar consumption. This exchange of information offered Prof. Pegg a comprehensive understanding of CAPPA’s advocacy and interventions ultimately aimed at building community power, promoting good governance, and fostering active public participation in decision-making processes.

Based on these updates, Prof. Scott reviewed programme reports, seeking further clarification on some of the issues discussed, and offering helpful contributions from his extensive knowledge and experiences to the benefit of staff members. The meet and greet session also featured an exclusive interview with Prof. Pegg on Africa Speaks, CAPPA’s pan-African podcast dedicated to interrogating contemporary issues of governance in Africa and providing contextual analyses of matters arising on the continent. This interview added another layer of depth to the encounter, allowing for a broader examination of significant issues.

Beyond being an engaging and informative session, the meeting served as a catalyst for potential collaborative endeavours. Inspired by Prof. Pegg’s wisdom and warmth, the CAPPA team is ever more determined to record positive marks across its thematic campaigns.

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