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Stakeholders raise serious concern over COP27 outcome


…say loss and damage agreement meaningless if not operationalized
… apprehensive of corporate capture
… make case for strategic litigation


After taking a critical review of all that transpired at the COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, environmental stakeholders and activists, gave a damning verdict that not much was achieved. They submitted that the gathering was more of a jamboree that failed below expectation towards providing solution to the numerous challenges of global warming, climate change financing, climate debt and reparations, particularly for African countries.


They agreed that although there was agreement to consider loss and damage cases, it’s yet to be operationalised as developed countries remain hypocritical, avoiding genuine commitment towards climate financing and eradication of fossil fuel.


During a press conference in Lagos at the weekend, the stakeholders including Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) and Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) submitted that although big polluters dominated the meeting ” the agreement to consider loss and damage is a big takeaway and a good place to start the struggle”.


Speaking at the briefing,
Dr Nnimmo of HOMEF Bassey said he was not expecting much from the COP27 conference but that it presents a catalyst space for the Civil Society to share ideas. Nnimmo said developing nations and African countries need concessions on existing debts, benefits on imports of technologies, for clean energy innovations and credits on funding for clean-energy research and infrastructure but that the advanced countries of the North are playing politics, and applying diplomacy to shy away from genuine commitment.
Nnimmo said advocates of fossil fuel were only interested in their commercial gain than the health of Africans.


Akinbode Oluwafemi( CAPPA boss) said that CSOs and Africa must form a united front on the loss and damage payment, stressing that COP27 in Egypt was carefully planned to ignore the needs of Africa. Oluwafemi said it’s sad that Africa is at the receiving end of climate change eventhough they contribute less than 3 percent of global warming.


Also, ERA/FoEN Executive Director, Chima Williams, said that the best option to the attitude of the Global North was to call for a strategic litigation option.


Williams, a legal practitioner, said that there was the need to put the law to test on COP27 neglect on Africa, stressing that such was necessary to avoid re-colonisation of Africa by the Global North.


Williams, advocated for a united collaboration of CSOs to fight the big polluters.


In his contribution, Phillip Jakpor, Director of programmes and publicity, CAPPA, said climate action ought to focus on communities unlike what obtains at the moment.


In her own presentation, Zikora Ibe of CAPPA, expressed concern on grey areas that was not properly addressed, insisting that unless they become operationalised the conference would be more of a talk shop than a solution platform.
She said it was sad that developed nations have refused to fully pay up the 100B Dollar to vulnerable countries, including Africa agreed since 2009.


Source: Nigeria News Mark

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