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COP27: Loss and damage fund not enough – Nigerian activists

Nigerian activists have expressed dissatisfaction over the agreement made by countries to establish a funding mechanism to compensate vulnerable nations for ‘loss and damage’ from climate-induced disasters.[spacer height=”25px”]

This agreement was made after days of intense negotiations in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27.[spacer height=”25px”]

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a video message issued from the conference venue in Egypt, “This COP has taken an important step towards justice. I welcome the decision to establish a loss and damage fund and to operationalize it in the coming period.”[spacer height=”25px”]

Nigerian activists at a media debrief on Friday, organised by Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), noted that the agreement reached by participating countries is not enough to ameliorate damages made by top polluters in the world.[spacer height=”25px”]

While explaining his observations on the just concluded COP, Nnimmo Bassey of Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), recalled that in 2009, rich countries pledged 100 billion dollars to support developing countries but there have not been a transparent report showing accountability of the finance.[spacer height=”25px”]

Bassey who also attended the COP, advised that developing nations should insist that those responsible for climate change should not just pay for loss and damage but should establish historical accountability.[spacer height=”25px”]

The Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, Barr. Chima Williams, said that the issues that transpired at COP27 calls for concern, adding that it showed unseriousness of partners involved.[spacer height=”25px”]

He said, “Issues of remediation were not discussed. Following the recent flood incidents in Nigeria, if we depend on COP and its decisions, we will continue to experience doom.[spacer height=”25px”]

“For the Loss and damage fund, questions should be raised on what constitutes it, who is paying, what should they pay, who receives it and when should it be received.”[spacer height=”25px”]

He further urged that strategic litigation should be the option for developing nations especially Nigeria, being one of the countries affected by the activities of these polluters.[spacer height=”25px”]

He called on environmental activists to come together to discuss about the latest COP and its resolution and strategize ways to cope with the agreement.[spacer height=”25px”]

Also speaking, the Programme Director of CAPPA, Mr Phillip Jakpor reaffirmed that COP is not making progress in fighting climate change.[spacer height=”25px”]

He called for the need to make plans to help developing nations fight climate change.[spacer height=”25px”]

Source: NatureNews

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