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Valentine’s Day: Group Sensitizes Nigerians on Consumption of Trans-fatty Foods

A Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria, Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), on Valentine’s Day took to the streets of Lagos state to enlighten Nigerians on the dangers surrounding the consumption of Trans-fat oils.

Trans-fat arises from a process where regular or liquid vegetable oil is converted into solid fats while passing it through hydrogen. It increases the bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol in the body which could lead to cardiovascular and heart-related diseases. The World Health organisation (WHO) says that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths globally with an estimate of 17.9million people said to have died in 2020.

The February 14 commemoration by CAPPA was an opportunity to engage the media, to advocate and sensitize the public and mobilize young people for an ‘inter-generational conversation’ via different platforms.

According to CAPPA, the road walk is an avenue for stakeholders to call on the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria to hasten the passage of the ‘Fats and Oils Regulations, 2020’ into law and save Nigerians from needless cardiovascular diseases resulting from the consumption of Trans-fat oils.

Speaking at the road show, Executive Director of CAPPA, Akinbode Oluwafemi, urged Nigerians to eat healthily and further advised the Federal government to quickly pass the ‘Fats and Oils Regulations, 2020’ into law.

“We are out on a special day like this to educate Nigerians on the dangers of Trans-Fatty foods. One way or the other, we consume fats and oil in our diets and most importantly, the oil used in cooking, which sometimes we re-use and this could lead to heart diseases.”

Continuing, he stated: “It will also do us a lot of good if the governing agencies involved in ensuring the laws are passed like the health ministry and NAFDAC ensure these regulations become law so that Nigerians could be well informed about the dangers. The manufacturing companies will also have no other option than to adhere strictly to the law,” he concluded.

The road walk included display of placards with inscriptions such as “Stop recycling oils. Stop using black and dirty oils to cook. Stop reusing oils for your meals. It causes cardiovascular diseases”

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